Take care of your business.

Bulk emailing, when it’s done right, can boost your sales, remind clients of products and services and maintain brand visibility. Our mass email platform is reliable, rapid and simple to use, with dedicated drag-and-drop software, easy-to-manage contact groups and detailed reporting on send performance, leaving you free to take care of your business.


Contact Group Management

Import, Export or Create contact groups with ease. Create your own customized mailing lists to suit your needs.

Powerful Personalization Tools

Making each customer feel special is the best way to connect with current and future clients. Easily personalize emails to show your customers just how special they are.

Use Your Own Domain

Not only do you have full control over your bulk email account, using your own domain allows you to reinforce your community’s affiliation with your organization’s name.

Email Scheduling

Easily schedule your emails to send now, or at a future time.



Why Bulk Email?


Amazing modular technology

We're all drawn to happiness. A study at Harvard tells us that emotion is contagious. You'll notice that the Before (pre-Digital Age) pictures in Facebook's slides all display neutral faces. But the cover slide that introduces Facebook and the after slides have smiling faces on them. This is important. The placement of those graphics is an intentional persuasion technique.

Studies by psychologists show that we register smiles faster than any other expression. And when participants in a study were asked to recall expressions, they consistently remembered happy faces over neutral ones.